Agriturismo San Giovanni


ORVIETO – 48km/50min. driving

The town of Orvieto is located in Umbria, in the province of Terni, about 45 km from Viterbo, bordering to the east with the province of Perugia and south of the province of Viterbo in Lazio.
Clinging to a sandstone shelf, the profile of the Cathedral, symbol of the town in the world, is emerging from afar and invites us to leave the car to walk towards the fortress.
The city of Orvieto has interpreted this requirement visitor creating a human-scale structure that does not provide for access by car, but by restoring an old cable car that connects the station to the historic center of Orvieto.

The beauty of a natural cliff in warm tones tuff, from which stand out old houses, towers, palaces, churches and convents of the city. A truly wonderful show if you’re lucky enough to arrive on a sunny clear day, when the porous biscuit rock is enhanced by the blue sky.
Do not limit yourself to a more or less rapid visit of the most vaunted monuments, from the Duomo to Necropolis, the Palazzo del Popolo to Pozzo di San Patrizio, the Churches to best known Museums, but be captivated slowly from more hidden and discreet charm of the city.

With ease, you can go by walk wandering the narrow streets of the city and turning on your behalf, observing and enjoying the architecture, the art treasures and the details of a city that will not cease to surprise you for its intense atmosphere.